Brown Basilisk
(Striped basilisk)
(Basilicus vittatus)

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Invasive Status
Introduced Population increasing
Natural Range
  • Central America
Introduced Range
  • Florida
Pet trade

None confirmed

Removal Methods


The brown basilisk (Basiliscus vittatus), also called the striped basilisk, is a 2-foot-long basalisk lizard native to Central America which has joined the many species introduced to Florida.


Native RangeEdit

The brown basilisk's native range runs from central Mexico, through Central America into north Colombia. [1/4]

Introduced RangeEdit

The brown basilisk has been introduced to southern Florida, especially in the counties of Dade and Broward. [2/5]

Pathways and IntroductionEdit

Brown basilisks have been present in Florida since before 1976. [2]

The brown basilisk is often sold as a pet. [3] Releases by owners, or escapes, are likely methods by which the brown basilisk.


Whilst it isn't known for sure what effects the basilisk has on native wildlife, it is feared that they may negatively affect small native animals similar to those which form its diet in its native range. [2]

Removal MethodsEdit

No official removal methods are or have been in practice.


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